Stormwater Resources for Prince George’s County Municipalities

The LID Center works with municipalities in Prince George’s County, Maryland in various capacities. We partner directly with municipalities to complete green infrastructure projects and studies. We also act as a liaison between the County Department of the Environment (DoE) and municipalities to help implement stormwater and sustainability programs. We often partner with other local organizations to develop and complete projects in municipalities.

About the Stormwater Permit

Prince George’s County was among the first jurisdictions in Maryland to be issued a stormwater permit in 1993. Prince George’s County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems Discharge Permit (referred to as the County stormwater permit) is reissued on a five-year cycle.

Each generation of stormwater permits has required increasing effort to reduce polluted stormwater runoff. The most recent permit was reissued in 2014. The 2014 permit specified that all of the County’s municipalities except for Bowie are now covered under the County stormwater permit as “co-permittees.” Learn more by visiting the County Department of Environment NPDES MS4 Permit page.