Prince George’s County Rain Check Rebate Contractor Training

Timeline: 2016 – Current

Category: Training

Location: Prince George’s County, MD

The LID Center launched the Rain Check Rebate Contractor Training series in 2016 on behalf of Prince George’s County Department of the Environment. The LID Center provides the free training to local landscape professionals twice a year. The training provides detailed information on the design, construction and maintenance of the seven approved Rain Check Rebate Best Management Practices. Day One of the training provides detailed discussions and hands-on activities in a classroom setting. Day Two emphasizes hands-on knowledge of site assessment practices such as infiltration testing, slope calculation and locating and installing practices.

The purpose of Prince George’s County’s Rain Check Rebate Program is to offer incentives to homeowners, businesses, and other property owners to install practices that improve stormwater runoff quality, reduce runoff quantity, and improve local streams and rivers. While private property owners are responsible for obtaining the rebate, contractors often work with residents to install stormwater best management practices and ensure their effectiveness. Eligible practices include urban tree canopy (tree planting), rain gardens, rain barrels, cisterns, pavement removal, permeable pavement and green roofs. Details of the program can be found at

Funding: Prince George’s County Department of the Environment