City of Mount Rainier Climate Change Adaptation and Stormwater Management

Location: Mount Rainier, MD

Category: Planning

Timeline: 2019 – Current

The LID Center and Ecosite are assisting the City of Mount Rainer to prepare a climate adaptation and stormwater management strategy. The project will demonstrate the use of green infrastructure to manage high-intensity, short-duration storm events in conjunction with typical flood control (100-year 24-hour) storm event analysis to address the potential impacts of climate change. Mount Rainier is highly urbanized and undergoing revitalization, but localized flooding and its impacts on properties has severely affected the ability and potential of the properties to be redeveloped or improved. The project’s goal is to produce an overall plan for stormwater management infrastructure improvements to help inform what measures can be put in place to reduce localized flooding risks and the volume of runoff while also improving water quality issues.

Funding: Maryland Department of Natural Resources Chesapeake and Coastal Grants Gateway

Map of tree canopy in Mount Rainier