City of Hyattsville 42nd Place Green Infrastructure Pilot Project 

Timeline: 2019 – Current

Category: Design


Location: 42nd Place and Charles Armentrout Drive, Hyattsville, MD

The purpose of this project is to prepare final (100%) design plans for a green infrastructure facility located on 42nd Place in Hyattsville, MD.  The property was originally identified as a pilot location in the Lower Ward 1 Resilient Stormwater Systems Planning Study that was prepared by the LID Center on as a grant awarded to the City in 2017 from the Maryland Community Resiliency Grant Program.

The resilient stormwater systems planning study identified the design and installation of a submerged gravel wetland along 42nd  Place and Armentrout Drive as a near-term project. The project is located on Hyattsville-owned land in a highly impervious section of the City. It was selected due to its public ownership; its high visibility; its proximity to the existing storm drain network and to protected areas; the percent imperviousness of the contributing drainage area; and its potential infiltration capacity.

Funding: Maryland Department of Natural Resources Resiliency through Restoration Initiative

Digital rendering the proposed Submerged Gravel Wetland along 42nd Place and Armentrout Drive