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Rain barrels are low-cost water conservation devices that can be used to reduce runoff volume and, for smaller storm events, delay and reduce the peak runoff flow rates. By storing and diverting runoff from impervious areas such as roofs, these devices reduce the undesirable impacts of runoff that would otherwise flow swiftly into receiving waters and contribute to flooding and erosion problems. Rain barrels can provide a source of chemically untreated 'soft water' for gardens and compost, free of most sediment and dissolved salts.

To continue choose a step from the list below:
Step 1 - Let's Begin
Step 2 - Goals/Objectives & Budget
Step 3 - Gather Information
Step 4 - Location & Size of Rain Barrel
Step 5 - Designing Your Rain Barrel
Step 6 - Design Review & Obtaining Permission
Step 7 - Preliminary Plans for Construction Day
Step 8 - Construction
Step 9 - Advertise
Step 10 - Develop Timeline
Step 11 - Construction Day
Step 12 - Maintenance
Step 13
- Write Summary Report

Be sure to check out the student section for exploration topics and ideas for further research.


  Learning Objectives  

Sustainable School Projects will:

  • Help reduce impacts of stormwater runoff

  • Develop educational and recreational landscapes

  • Provide sense of ownership and pride

  • Enhance community awareness

  • Support current curriculum

  • Low cost to school



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